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Walkinvpkg trips with my dad when I was young were always exciting voyages of discovery. I’ve been capturing those adventures photographically ever since. Photography helps me share my interests in travel, history, people, cultures and landscapes. In 2013 I walked the Camino de Santiago, almost by accident, resulting in my first foray as an author, Finding My Way: Autumn on the Camino Frances.

After years of working as a geologist in mineral exploration, a fascination with photohistory has recently led to a fledgling career in the museum industry. On my next Camino in October 2016, I’ll be recording the landscapes and people I meet with both a digital camera and a hundred year-old Vest Pocket Kodak.

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3 thoughts on “Follow my next adventure

  1. You were trying to find more information about an Exeter photographer Charles Keeping. He had a brother Henry Keeping who was a fossil collector and became curator of the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge for some 50 years. Henry wrote ‘Reminiscences of my life’ in the 1920s which you can download as a pdf if you google Henry Keeping. If you have a problem let me know and I can forward a copy, regards Douglas Palmer, Sedgwick Museum

  2. Brett, are you OK?
    I follow your blog ‘photo sleuth’ and you havent posted for a long, long time.

    My ancestors came from Ashbourne, Derbyshire too 🙂

    Regards Joe=

    1. Hi Joe, Thanks for asking. All good here. I’ve been working in the museum sector for the last few years and that, amongst other things, seems to have taken over a bit. Don’t give up hope. I will return to the blog eventually. Regards, Brett

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